Energy Saving Tips That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

Summertime can bring a lot of excitement to families everywhere – from barbecues to beach trips and soaking in the warmth that the season brings. However, for some, the struggles can be constant trying to maintain a cool home and keep energy costs down. We’ve gathered a list of tips that you and your family can start implementing right away.

  • Install and set programmable thermostat
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With an estimated savings of 10% per year on heating and cooling, these price efficient thermostats are the way to go. You’ll be able to set the temperatures by time of day to ensure that the house is cool when you get home and wasting less energy when you are gone.

  • Use sunlight to your advantage
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By choosing the right window treatments, you can allow in natural light while also reducing the heat gain in your home.

  • Use an electronic power strip for your electronic equipment
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During this unprecedented time, a good majority of people are working from home, which means more energy being used, more electronics being used, and unfortunately, more power being left on throughout the house. You can help reduce phantom loads – and save up to $100 a year – by plugging electronic devices into a power strip and turning it off when not in use.

  • Explore some of the energy saving tools your electric company provides

You can learn how your home uses energy in comparison to similar homes within your region. Many electric companies offer this service to help families realize their greatest energy consuming source in order to help them better put a plan in place on how they can save moving forward.

  • Make sure your appliances aren’t consumer too much energy
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Having ENERGY STAR rated appliances is a great thing to have, however, some of us may have to live without that luxury. In any instance, a few adjustments to your appliances can help you minimize the energy consumption. A few suggestions from National Grid include minimizing the amount of times the fridge is opened, being mindful to only run full loads in the dishwasher and dryer and setting the refrigerators temperature to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. For more energy saving tips from National Grid, visit

In addition, one of the best ways you can help save on your home energy costs is by consulting a home performance contractor. At Environmental Construction Objective, we perform a whole home energy assessment and provide you with a list of ways you can start saving today. Finally, after our energy assessment, our certified insulation crew will complete the recommended weatherization work as well as review rebates you may be eligible for including 75-100% off your home insulation needs.

For more information and to get your Energy Assessment scheduled, visit

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